Prestwick Chemical, Creative Medicinal Chemistry

Prestwick Chemical is a French Contract Research Organization (CRO) founded in 1999 by Professor C.G. Wermuth, globally recognized for his expertise in pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. 

Focused on early drug discovery, the company works for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes as well as academic groups. Projects in cosmetics, veterinary and agro pharmaceutical are also successfully carried on. During the past decade, Prestwick Chemical has gained international recognition for its input to boost drug discovery process through:

Medicinal Chemistry Services

Lab view
Prestwick Chemical’s chemists and pharmacists offer creative solutions in medicinal chemistry to accelerate development of innovative small molecule drugs. To meet customer requirements and expectations, our teams provide tailor-made research services, from hit discovery to lead optimization.  
We are proud of outstanding achievements: successful collaborations allowed our clients to put one drug on the market, to bring 10 other original compounds in the clinic and 8 in pre-clinical phase.

Smart Chemical Screening Libraries

The Prestwick Chemical Library, dry format
Constantly updated and improved, Prestwick Chemical Smart Screening Libraries are designed to ensure a high hit rate. They offer maximal chemical and therapeutic diversity to generate high-quality hits.
Over the 16 past years, our client satisfaction was substantially reported in more than 350 articles, making Prestwick Chemical the international leading provider of smart chemical screening libraries.

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The Practice
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