From Hit Discovery to Drug Candidate

Modern lab at Prestwick Chemical
Prestwick Chemical provides full medicinal chemistry services from hit discovery to pre-clinical candidate keeping customer satisfaction at the core of its activity. Teams of experienced chemists with strong scientific background strive towards accelerating drug discovery workflow. Objectives are usually reached in 12-18 months.
All projects are supported by specific skills in molecular modeling, distinctive know-how in organic chemistry with a continuous acute eye on ADME-Tox profile.
Prestwick Chemical expertise is awarded by outstanding track record of achievements which positions the company as the privileged and reliable partner.

Hit Discovery

Prestwick Chemical accelerates hit discovery process through:

Hit Validation and Hit-to-Lead

Out of biological screenings, our medicinal chemists help selecting the most promising scaffolds for progression into lead optimization by:

  • Re-synthesis of the identified hits to confirm structure and activity
  • Delivery of close analogues to consolidate the starting hits
  • Synthesis of related analogues to establish early Structure Activity Relationships (SAR)
  • Multi-parameter optimization using calculated and experimental ADME properties

Lead Optimization

Starting from a validated lead, our medicinal chemists initiate the optimization process in order to identify a pre-clinical drug candidate.
The research strategy implies iterative cycles of design and assessment using:

  • Systematic SAR study taking into account in-house know-how to identify productive directions for analogue design
  • Design of new analogues directed towards multidimensional optimization (potency, selectivity and improvement of the ADME-Tox profile)
  • Scaffold-hopping to identify new chemotypes
  • Consolidation of the IP position
  • Synthetic route improvement suitable for development
  • Scale-up to support profiling studies

Customer-oriented service

  • Concerted dialogue through regular reports and meetings to ensure optimal responsiveness
  • Flexibility and versatility to adapt to project timelines and objectives  
  • Personalized contract including FTE-based or objective driven programs to meet customer needs


  • Compliance with confidentiality agreements confirmed by external audits
  • Fully transparent towards customers
  •  Exclusive assignment of Industrial  Property to customers

Quality Chart

  • Conformity of all delivered compounds validated by our quality control department
  • Compliance with health and safety rules confirmed by external audits
  • Respect for environmental and social standards