Prestwick Pyridazine Library

Your premium resource for novel screening hits

A collection of 400 innovative pyridazine and pyridazone derivatives, based on a series of carefully selected new original scaffolds. All molecules have been designed to ensure optimal diversity, and are suitable for diverse chemical modification yielding analogs with promising IP positions.
Why Pyridazines?
Pyridazines, including substituted and fused polycyclic 1,2-diazines or 1,2-diazinones, are highly attractive moieties in medicinal chemistry. They combine high score therapeutic potential with drug-like properties and favorable ADME/Tox profiles. Drug molecules containing pyridazine scaffolds are reported to be active in different therapeutic areas, ranging from CNS to oncology, cardio-vascular and antimicrobial fields.
How provided?
The pyridazine screening libary is pre-dissolved in DMSO ready for screening at 2 mg/mL concentration and tailored volumes in 96 well plates (100 µL to 1 mL), and customizable (volumes, plating)
A database ready for use:

The database is supplied in three formats (SDF, DB, XLS).