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Success stories

Prestwick Chemical Success Stories

With a culture built on the importance of quality, confidence and interactivity, Prestwick Chemical brings expertise and creativity to customer projects. Over the past 15 years, 13 000+ compounds were synthesized through more than 40 medicinal chemistry projects which were delivered successfully.

Key facts:
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL 1 compound on the market
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL 10 compounds in clinical phase
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL 8 compounds in preclinical phase
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL 1 compound out-licensed to a large Pharma (Phase I / 2016)

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A High Level Of Satisfaction

Clients recontact Prestwick for :

    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Resupply of hits (hit-likeness confirmed)
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL New purchase of Libraries
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Hit Follow-up services
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL SAR studies and optimization projects

mentioning the Prestwick Chemical Library®

Prestwick Chemical is a contract research organization (CRO) supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes and academic groups. We provide libraries and services for the early stage of the drug discovery process.